Google Glass is dead, long live Google Glass

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  • January 16, 2015


Google Glass, the product that arguably started the current wave of wearable technology has been halted by Google in it’s current form.

Overnight Google announced that it’s Explorer program, which allowed developers (and curious members of the public) to buy Glass for US$1,500, will close next week.

Google_Glass_headerGoogle insists that this isn’t the end of Glass, but a new beginning, with the company committed to working on the future of the product.

The Glass project will move out of Google X, the “blue sky” research division of Google, and become an independent unit reporting to Tony Fadell, who manages the Nest product range.

The Glass project had “broken ground and allowed us to learn what’s important to consumers and enterprises alike,“ Fadell said in a statement, and that they would “integrate those learnings into future products”.

Google always said that Glass was an experiment, and now says the project has “broken ground” and helped them “learn what’s important to consumers and enterprises alike”.

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