Oddy Oddsock logo on a photograph of rolls of socks

As more and more companies ditch the tie, men all over the world are looking for a new way to express their individuality – even if they have to keep wearing a suit.

Forbes magazine said “Socks are the new neckties, the place where a man can, on a pretty risk-free basis, express his individuality.”

We helped create the OddSockCo.com branding including logo, product sleeves and scratch & win cards for Oddy Oddsock & Company, an ecommerce site selling an amazing range of socks.

Odd Sock Co Branding
Odd Sock Co Branding

Launched late 2019 with a limited range of Christmas socks, the socks on offer has grown to over 40 different styles, with more being added. We photograph, deep etch and retouch each new style before writing product descriptions and the style is launched on the site.

We worked with the founder to create a social media advertising campaign across the Facebook network, scheduled social posts, and Google shopping ads. We have also created a social post strategy with Facebook and Instagram scheduled 4+ weeks in advance.